Language Cafe

06.10.2022 ǀ 19:00

Troubles with English tenses? No clue which der/die/das is correct? Struggling to pronounce French vowels or Slovenian lack of vowels? No worries, this event is perfect for you.
Join us in Pritličje on Thursday evening to practice a foreign language, make new international friends, help the others learn your language or find tandem partners.

How does our event work?
There will be a couple of tables, every table will have a designated language. Feel free to join any of them, take something for drink and immerse into fascinating conversations. Switching between tables is possible at any time.

Which languages do we cover?
Any. We will create a survey to see which languages are most popular but we will do our best to respond to your needs and wishes.
You are more than welcome to bring your friends and help us promote the event. The more people and languages the better!