LISK & RYUZO | percussion & movement

30.07.2019 | 21:00

LISK & RYUZO – perkusije & gib

Dogodek bo ob 21.00 pred Pritličjem.

“It was difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to figure out who was leading and who was following in the improvisational process, the man or the band. It doesn’t really matter, since both were flying without a net. What was great was that we the audience were invited along for the dangerous flight. And because it was improvised, it can never be repeated exactly, ever again”
– Gary L. Day, The Dance Journal & (From Philadelphia Fringe Festival performance with Ryuzo Fukuhara and Tracy Lisk, 23/9/2016)

To describe the world is far from an easy task. We are surrounded by innumerable types of materials and objects, all of which are in motion. Each of us describes the world and the events of everyday life with a limited set of tools, that can prevent other types of interaction with the world and its objects, that are always in the process of becoming, and are not static. Improvisation can be a useful tool to access the world and it’s unfolding phenomena in motion.

photo: Matevž Kosterov

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