Why Welfare? | predavanje Aarona Rossa

11.09.2018 | 19:00

Aaron Ross, podpredsednik mednarodnega združenja The Humane League, bo v torek govoril o tem, kako velferistične kampanje vplivajo na celotno gibanje za pravice živali, predstavil njihovo teoretsko ozadje ter podal primere pozitivnih praks takšnih kampanj.

Dogodek bo potekal v angleškem jeziku.

Aaron Ross serves as the Vice President of Policy and Strategy for The Humane League, an international animal advocacy organization and founder of the Open Wing Alliance, an insidious global coalition against cages. Aaron has been active in the movement for 17 years and has led groundbreaking campaigns for animals in the US and abroad. He specializes in breaking the spirit of animal abusing corporations and in mass mobilization. Although permanently traveling the world, he technically resides in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Why Welfare:
Aaron Ross, will demonstrate how welfare campaigns are contributing to the rapid acceleration of the animal rights movement across the globe. He will examine the theory behind welfare, how it ties in with rights, and look at other successful movements that have used welfare tactics to achieve rights.

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