RadioCona:ZimaFM (radio and sound art exhibition on FM 88.8MHz and stream)r

15.02.2015 | 19:10

RadioCona will tune in for five days in a row exactly at nightfall. This is the time when the atmosphere is no longer filled with the fine sunlight, when the sun reaches 18 degrees or more below the horizon.

radioCona:Zima FM is an exhibition project that takes place across an FM frequency. It brings together and presents a selection of works combining the medium of radio or sound with a winter landscape, with a special focus on nightime.

broadcast programe
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radioCona Listening HUB:
Monday 16 – Thursday 19 February, 2015
Pritličje, Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Live performance:
Simon Macuh: Huuuuummm (Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at 22.00 streets in front of Pritličje)

Robertina Šebljanič, Petra Kapš (OR poiesis), Kikiriki (Nina F), Miha Ciglar, Marko Batista, Jeff Kolar (Thursday, February 19, 2015, at 19.19 Pritličje and radioCona FM 88.8MHz and stream)
(all times listed: CET/UTC+1)

Artists: Kathy Kennedy, Ethan Rose, prOphecy sun, Maria Papadomanolaki, Timo Kahlen, Ludwig Berger, Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz, Andrea Parkins, Diogo Alvim, Fergus Kelly, Juan Cantizzani, Pablo Sanz, Kevin Logan, Mari Ohno, Melissa Deerson, Miguel Negrão, Monty Adkins, Barry Truax, Stephane Claude, NRRF, C-Drik, Vasja Progar, Marko Trstenjak, Niklas Meier, Jeff Kolar, Hugo Paquete, Joseph Kramer, Anastasya Koshkin, AndréA Marsolais-Roy, raxil4 + his Namelessness Is Legion, Vacuamoenia, Mario Gauthier, HMBKR, Andrej Hrvatin, Julian Scordato, Dan Tapper, Billy Gomberg, Scott Sherk, Camilla Hannan, Christopher Wood, Farah Mulla, Ghost Imbiss, Hildegard Westerkamp, Brona Martin, Sam Salem, Steve Brandley, METASITU, Randolph Jordan, Jeff Gburek, James Chinneck, Peter Courtemen, Robertina Šebljanič, Petra Kapš (OR poiesis), Kikiriki (Nina F), Miha Ciglar, Marko Batista, Monty Adkins, Pali Meursault, Luke Munn, Jason Bolte, Calver Audain, Jordan Lacey, Brane Zorman, Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell, Liam Slevin, Bethan Parkes, Jeremiah Moore, Pablo Sanz, Pete Stollery, Robin Parmar, Anna Friz

Curators: Jeff Kolar, Jasmina Založnik, Brane Zorman, Irena Pivka,

about radioCona:Zima FM
The five-day broadcast radioCona:ZimaFM resumes and takes to the next level the featured parameters of radioCona activities by stressing the dimension of nocturnal radio transmission. It plays with the idea of heightened perception that can happen only by withdrawing from the daily rhythm of multifunctional hyperactivity. The winter, commonly associated with silence and stillness, outlines the programme’s framework, at once breaking and reflecting on it on different levels.

Curatorial selection radioCona:ZimaFM comprises compositions of home and international authors, produced by Cona. It includes a selection from radioCona transmission ReuseCITY:REuseRADIO 2014, curated by Anna Friz, Brane Zorman, Jasmina Založnik and Irena Pivka, a selection of episodes from the art platform Radius, curated by Jeff Kolar, and a re-transmission of sound works by artists shortlisted for the Listening Room at the Festival Invisible Places, Sounding Cities, Viseu Portugal 2014, curated by Raquel Castro; Listening Room organised by Miguel Carvalhais, Vítor Joaquim & André Rangel.

Produced by: CONA Institute For Contemporary Arts Processing, 2015
CONA programme is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department of Culture
Partners: JSKD, OE Oddajniki in zveze (OE Transmitters and Communications)
Adittional information and programme at: